Loyal Dog Keeps Owner Company at His Grave

Hope everyone had a GREAT thanksgiving with his/her family, friends, and of course, pets. If you’re reading this, it means you survived the black friday shopping madness as well, so give yourself a pat on the back.

Here’s a little tear jerker story.

Zelda, a dog rescued by a teenager name Johua Reed who was recently killed in a vehicle accident, has been seeing visiting the grave of its master Joshua.


Zelda was a stray dog that one day was accidentally hit by a car. With a broken tail and bleeding heavily, Zelda was left to die on the side of the road when Joshua Reed (and his family) stopped to save him.

With the heart of gold, Joshua nursed him back to health and became part of the Reed family. Though Zelda lost an eye from the accident, Joshua managed to get Zelda to his 100% full health.

Johua and Zelda became friends for life, often inseparable and seen together all the time. Zelda would wait by the bus stop until Joshua came home each an every day.

But one tragic day, Joshua never came home.

Joshua was in an ATV accident involving a truck, and lost his life instantly.

Zelda, a dog that never ran away before, now bravely roams the roads and to the cemetery, where the dog has been taken there once before. According to animal control, one-eyed Zelda has been seen twice at the road near the cemetery.

Zelda reminds me of Hachiko, a dog who waited 11 years for his (passed) master to come home.

This is why dogs are awesome.

It doesn’t matter if we’re good looking, ugly, rich, poor, screw ups, successful, famous, a nobody, or any of that. Dogs love us for who we are, not what we are. Dogs will give us unconditional love no matter what kind of pain, trials, or struggles we go through in life. (Can we honestly say that all our friends will do for us what our dogs will do for us?)

Today, as I continue to celebrate the Thanksviging (weekend), I give thanks for my dog and all dogs who had touched the lives of others.

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  • Rochelle H.

    It just goes to show how loyal our dogs are and how much they love us and will stand by us even after we have left this world. The video was very touching, it made me cry it was so sweet yet sad.

  • Crystal F.

    Oh man, that video made me cry… haha.

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