Man and His Faithful Traveling Dog

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Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we want it too.

In fact, that’s almost always guaranteed.

But that doesn’t mean you should get all DOWN and depressed.

No, quite the opposite. You need to have faith.

Meet Ara Gureghian.

According to Ara, he is:

A full blooded Armenian… born and lived in France for 24 years with the good fortune to have been enrolled in the best Culinary School in Switzerland for 3 years, much travelling throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa in pre-war times as my Grand Parents lived in Cairo, Egypt.

Two weeks after graduation, Father said “Son, there is your one way ticket to Philadlephia and $50!”. I don’t know if he said “good bye”. I cannot remember.

Ara is a restauranteur and a personal chef to many wealthier retired folks in Naples, FL.

Ara, too, had his share of “life-not-going-as-planned”.

In fact, his son Lance died of cancer a few years ago.

Ara, like any other parent who has had the misfortune of outliving his/her child, was heart broken.

But Ara knew being down and depressed wasn’t what Lance would have wanted.

No, Ara learned to pick himself back up.

To honor his son Lance, Ara has currently completed 140,000 miles of traveling on the road.

And along with him for the journey?

His loyal dog Spirit:

Ara writes:

“The Oasis of my Soul” Journey which has began 4 years ago, still drawing the “Starting Line”, this endless path Spirit and I have embarked ourselves on.

This time the “finish line” does not seem to be in sight.

This is my Journal, it is just another Life story with it’s steps awaiting one by one toward healing, toward sensing what was only a blurr just a few years past.

What was once a narrow path has widdened joined in by so many Friends and aquaintances lifting us up every step of the way.

The World is so full of beautiful people, don’t let anyone tell you of the contrary.

Spirit? well… we have grown together 24/7, he has become my Life as I know vice versa is also true.

We are one now, he is quite the rider in his own sidecar and such a ham when wearing his goggles and helmet.


Oh hi… sorry about that. Too emotional for words.

Ara is still on his spiritual journey dedicated to his departed son, Lance.

Here’s a little clip of Ara and his loving dog Spirit on the road together

Ara elegantly concludes his story with:

Our destination is unknown, it is the Journey that matters


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  • Irene

    This video of these 2 souls gives me hope/my adult son is suffering from mental illness and I’m trying to seek help for him and remind him how fortunate he is to be here,etc.
    I love love love this story and this man and his sweet other son. Thank you.

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