Man Pays $310,000 to Clone His Beloved Pet

This is a story out of Hollywood.

But it’s not a movie.

Meet Peter Onruang, a businessman out of Hollywood, CA (of course, the city of crazies) .

Peter is paying $310,000 US DOLLARS to have his pet cloned.

Wolfie, on left, died at natural age of 15.

Peter loved Wolfie like she was his own daughter.

‘I buried them at home. So, you know, I visit them. And when I’m there, I say, “Hi, I’m making a new body for you”.’

Peter discovered a South Korean company that can and will clone animals for a price. (Yes, Koreans like to do some pretty weird pet genetics stuff.)

In fact, he STARTED businesses so that he can pay for the cloning.

However, will this work? The clone MIGHT look the same… but will it be the exact same dog as Wolfie?

Questions to our readers:

1. Do you think the cloned dog be will have exactly the SAME behavior and personality as the original dog?
2. Is this too excessive? Should Peter use the money on something more “useful”?

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