March 2011 Pawshmate Contestant – Chester

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Chester – Submitted by Isabella Miller


This…is Chester. Chester is our pet domestic Arctic fox. We got him as a young kit,from a fox breeder,and he has proven to be just as much fun and adventure as one would expect a pet fox to be. Is he a dog? Technically not,but he eats dog food,plays with the dogs,goes for walks with the dogs. We love him as much as all of our other dogs. She’s a dog to us. She is however,trouble with a capital T. Her favorite toy is “Pooky”,and she squeals with delight when she has her Pooky!
Just so everyone knows, it’s legal where we live (and most everywhere else in this country),to own domestic fox. We had done our research extensively before getting him,and he has everything he could ever need or want,and yes,hes been neutered.

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  • Sondra

    I love this little fox! I had no idea that there were such things are domestic foxes! He looks adorable just as any puppy would look. I am interested in finding out more! = D))

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