Mind your own (dog) business – Part Deux

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desk_dog_part_deuxA while back I wrote an entry about how some people in dog parks can’t seem to keep their own opinions to themselves, as if other people are asking begging for their advice on how to be a good dog owner/trainer and how your dog should behave. Yes, I am open to good advices, tips, and tricks, but when either

1) I am asking for them  … or

2) If the message is delivered with sincerity or without scorn/mocking.

Point in case, an owner of some white poodle at the Pasadena dog park.

I do admit my dog Cocoa (seen in this post, the miniature pinscher/chihuahua dog on right) is a bit humpy. He’s a puppy and has this Adonis Complex, making him want to hump pretty much any male dog that fancies him. It’s not ALL the (male) dogs that he humps. He has a taste for furry white dogs. Why? Who knows. Why do some men like women with big boobs while some prefer small? Who knows. Probably the same reason.

Cocoa and this poodle has had history in the past. They like to play together. Usually Cocoa wins, because quite frankly, my Cocoa is stronger and more agile than the other dog. So usually Cocoa would wrestle him down and get on top (not to hump) but to assert authority. The poodle would get defensive and start growling at Cocoa.

So apparently, the owner of the poodle (some lady) walks over to me and with this sour look on her face says “Keep you dog away from my dog.” I need to remind you this is the in the FIRST two minutes of me entering the dog park.

Usually, I don’t apologize for my dog. Why?

  1. God made the dogs that way for a reason. I am not about to apologize for her opinion on the flaws of the Divine Design.
  2. It’s Cocoa, not me, who humped the dog. All you dog owners, stop apologizing for your dog’s behavior (as long as it’s just dog play, not physical harm.)
  3. That’s what DOGS do. They play, wrestle, and hump.
  4. You’re at a DOG park. If you want you dog sheltered, shrink wrap him and put him in a box.. and leave that box at home. If you want your dog to be free and play and mingle with other dogs, then understand that there IS a potential for rough play. This is life, dammit. You might get hurt but at least you’ll LIVE your life.

So I stayed quiet for a while, not saying a damn word. I even used my trusty squirt bottle to keep Cocoa away from the ugly butt mutt Poodle. I did a pretty good job.

Her reasoning was the Cocoa LOOKED like he was gonna bite… TO HER. For reference, it was that poodle that was growling and showing the fearsome canines to MY dog. She kept complaining so I pulled Cocoa to the side.

Then the irony strikes.

The moment I look away, the poodle comes to Cocoa and starts humping. So I look at the lady and her comment?

Oh, I don’t mind them humping each other.

Right. I guess you readers can pretty much predict what I would say at this point. Feel free to guess what I would’ve.. or should’ve said.

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