Minnesota Woman Tries to Send Puppy By Mail.. in a BOX

I am not sure if dog owners should cry at the horror of this crime or laugh at this lady’s stupidity.

A 39 year old woman is in police custody for attempting to mail a dog in a BOX.

How did the postal workers find out?

Yeap, the package started moving and barking.

Minneapolis Police Sgt. Angela Dodge said:

It was supposed to be a birthday gift for a family member. It would have been kind of traumatizing to get a dead puppy.

If you don’t identify it so that it can be handled properly, it goes into the cargo hold of an airplane. It gets 40 below in those cargo planes that get up 40,000 feet. And there was no food or water. Puppies can’t go for long periods without food or water.

And here’s the KICKER..

After she got caught and the puppy was saved, she came BACK to the postal office asking for refund of $22 for the postage cost.

The postal office worker said:

“We asked her, don’t you want to know about your puppy? But she said no. She just wanted her money back,”

What else did she want back?

Money for the dog collar that got lost.

Nope, not the dog.

If you are ANGRY about this, we agree. The audacity of this woman..

If you think this is funny (well, her stupidity anyway), here’s a totally unrelated but funny video of dogs with boxes on their heads.


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  • sonya madden

    go for water on a humid for a few hours. dumb! dumb! Dumb
    need I say more? these ppl should go without the right to own pets
    (I just kissed my four-legged furkid)

  • Sondra

    Some people say that animals are stupid, with no sense of right and wrong!! I say some people are way past stupidity and ignorance! Don’t worry Karma will get her whats coming to her!! = D

  • nanetter

    she should be shipped in the cargo area for 2 days or so, with no food or water, then, arrested when she got out.not house arrest, or probation, ARRESTED! If she were in front of me at this very moment, both of us might end up in jail. I hope she dosen’t own any animals, and if she does, that they are removed from her home forever. I wish we could tattoo on people
    s forehead stuff such as idiot, animal abuser, rapist, ect. so everyone would know/ Harsh? Yes. Would it cut back on some crimes, I would think so.

  • Kelly

    I say CRY. The woman did not even ask about the pup after the fact. I would love to laugh at her stupidity, but, alas, I cannot. Though she was ignorant, her lack of caring says it all.

  • Lisa

    She should be packed in a shipping box and left for a few hours. Then she should be arrest for animal abuse. And really? She had the nerve to ask for her money back?

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