Missing Dog, Missing Heart

Dear friends, subscribers, and readers of PawshPal.

Yesterday, I lost my dog Cocoa.

A few days ago, my door window basically cracked into a billion pieces from strong winds.

When the door guy came to fix the window, I wasn’t home. He didn’t realize that Cocoa would bolt out. (Terriers are known to be quite frantic and territorial at the same time). When he chased after Cocoa, Cocoa got spooked and basically ran for his life.

After 24 hours of intense searching (by THREE people), Cocoa is nowhere to be found, including local animal shelter.

Cocoa was my inspiration for PawshPal.

I have not given hope, but i am in insane emotional pain, anxiety, and fear.

The nights are quite chilly these days and he hasn’t eaten in a few days from upset stomach.

I wonder where he is sleeping … if he’s warm.. if he’s hungry.

It’s true what they say.. “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.”

It’s taking me 2x as long as normal to write this post because my fingers are trembling and i can’t quite type straight.

Though I like to express my emotions, right now it’s too much for me to take and I am quite lost for words.

So I leave you with a video that somewhat reflects how I feel:

I will update you guys as things progress.

Remember, tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Live today NOW.

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