My Dogs Were Literally Hot Dogs Over The Weekend

There was a sudden heat wave that hit the bay the last few days and it was hot hot hot! So hot that I couldn’t leave my dogs in the car in the indoor parking structure of the library. Only pictures can show you what hot dogs do when they can’t take the heat.


The top two pictures were taken at the park. They rested at every shade even though we kept walking. Poor pooches!

Anyway, the bottom pictures were taken in the parking structure at the library. Cocoa jumped up to the top of the backseat first and Lucky followed hurriedly failing the first attempt and making it the second time around. My old doggie has muscles! haha. I’m not sure how climbing up the back seat helps them cool down, but that’s what they did.

We ended up leaving them at my Parents’ house for a few days since they have AC.

Lesson?…keep your doggies cool. They can easily get weak from heat exhaustion. =/

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