Not Quite Angels


It’s been some time since my last update and I’d have to say that I can no longer praise my dogs for good behavior while we’re away from the apartment.

Sigh. Pee pee in every corner AND on our bed is completely unacceptable. Coming home late at night having to clean up their mess was not fun at all and to think that they learned their lessons from us spanking them.

I couldn’t help but laugh when all three hid in the closet, but at the same time my heart softened when I looked at Cocoa and he would not budge even when I told him it was okay to come out. Before the closet, Lucky did an army move hiding behind the television. Brownie ran behind the coffee table and Cocoa dodged underneath the dining table. Comical dogs indeed. Sometimes three dogs are definitely a handful. A neighbor called out to me the other day asking if I wanted another one. Very funny, mister.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out how to make a gate to keep them in the kitchen area while creating a pee area as well. If only those things weren’t so expensive. How do other folks with dogs in their apartment deal with the peeing and pooping situation? Anyone have any ideas?

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