Now, THIS is a Cool Dog Trick: A Dog Plays Pool

If we told you that there’s a COOL dog trick… and that it’s a dog playing pool, what comes to you mind?

Maybe a dog fetching a pool ball that bounced off the table?

Perhaps a dog chasing a pool ball while in motion?

Nope. Better than that.

It’s a dog PLAYING pool.

How AWESOME are dogs? So far, here’s a SHORT list of some of the amazing stuff dogs can do

  1. Resurrect from the dead – check
  2. Walk on 2 legs – check
  3. Detect bombs – check
  4. Help another dog in need – check
  5. Give their owners surgery – check
  6. Do all kinds of acrobatics – check
  7. Get elected as the president – check
  8. Communicate with deaf people via sign language – check

Now we can add “Hustling people at pool hall” to the list.

Only if all people knew how amazing dogs are, dogs wouldn’t have to endure douche bags like this one, this one, this one, …. well, you get the idea.

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