Oh, Hi! Have We Been Properly Introduced?

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Oh, hi there!

I apologize for this tardy introduction, but heck, better late than never!

My name is TaeWoo (pronounced “Tay-Woo” – not “Thai-Woo”).

I’m the founder of PawshPal.

I’ll be honest with you. I was NOT a big fan of animals.

In fact, I quite hated dogs for the longest time.

Let me tell you a little story.

I grew up in a small suburban town in Korea (before immigrating to US at age of 10).

There was this neighborhood stray dog that used to roam the streets in my neighborhood, constantly looking for food.

This was the neighborhood’s “crazy dog” because it had this dirty mangy face and constant drool,

and it feared nothing and all the kids were scared of it.

Yes, including me.

One day, coming home from school, I noticed this dog from 2 (small) blocks away.


I remembered watching on TV that if you run, dogs’ have predatory instincts to chase after you.

So instead of walking the usual path where the dog was, I took a different path.

Whew, safe.

… so I thought.

That day, my mom packed me hot dogs for lunch, but I wasn’t hungry so I hardly touched them.

And of course, if you’re a hungry homeless dog scavenging for food and you have a choice:

a fat kid who probably can’t run too fast and has a nice smelling sausage in his easy to steal lunch bag


keep scavenging for food in the dumpster

Yeap, you can imagine, the dumpster is not the dog’s first choice.

He came closer.

I walked faster.

He started speeding up.

I started walking faster.

He started running.

So, I SCREAMED like a little girl and ran for my life.

Instead of taking just my lunch bag, the dog ended up biting me in the butt.

Ever since then, I have not been a big fan of dogs.

In fact, I had quite the fear and hatred for dogs, till i met my current dog Cocoa.

When I first met him, Cocoa was quite the wild dog.

Cocoa would pee & poop everywhere. Cocoa had a bad habit of stealing food, RIGHT out of my hands.

And his social behavior with other dogs?

Let’s just say that I nicknamed him “Forest Hump” for a reason.

So, you can imagine, training this guy was quite a nightmare.

But over the years, Cocoa and I developed a bond that I could not explain.

As an entrepreneur going for his dreams, I have gone through lots of ups and downs. (Still do).

But no matter, what happens, Cocoa is always there for me. Just wanting to be with ME.

Cocoa doesn’t judge me.

Cocoa doen’t care if I fail.

Cocoa doen’t care about nice things I buy for him.

Cocoa will wait patiently by the door and greet me like I’m the king of the world.

All Cocoa wants is to be with me.

(In fact, when I’m working too hard on my computer, Cocoa will sit on my laptop keyboard to force me to take a break.)

Cocoa’s proven unconditional love made me fall in love with dogs.

Instead of fearing them, now I see greatest gift that the universe has given to the mankind.

I love Cocoa and other dogs so much that I started PawshPal, and here we are.

You and I share the love for this wonderful loving creature we call dog has brought us together.

I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for supporting PawshPal and giving me the opportunity to develop a friendship with you.

Right now, we are working on a version 2 of PawshPal that incorporates more of what people have suggested: more stories, more pictures, ways to connect with other animal lovers, etc.

Till then, I’ll make sure to give you guys MORE than what you expected.

Once again, THANK YOU for being part of the PawshPal family and letting me (and Cocoa) serve you.


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