Oregon airport to hire dog to reduce bird-plane collision

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Once again, dogs prove themselves to be the man’s best friend. Take that, cat lovers!

Oregon airport is recruiting dogs to chase away birds to avoid (well at least minimize the number of) bird-plane collisions. This is INGENIUS. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on technologies and procedures that probably don’t work, they’re using dogs’ instinct to chase rodents and other smaller animals. How much will this cost? Probably next to nothing. Will it work? I bet it will!

How bad is this bird-collision thing that it warrants an airport crew to be that creative? According to the FAA National Wildlife Strike Database, it’s a huge problem that’s actually growing:

Why? Who knows. Changing weather pattern due to global warming, thereby affecting the migration pattern? Perhaps. Birds too drunk to tell that they’re in the path of a multi-ton object flying at 400+mph? Most definitely.

Regardless, a serious problem but the dog solution thing is definitely a work of genius.

Here are some pictures from the FAA report . (Crazy birds.)


And if you are abolutely bored, have no life, or just want to see the full FAA Wildlife Strike report for up to year 2008, here it is:

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