Dog Fighting Game So Outrageous, Even Michael Vick Condemns It

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Talk about BAD taste.

There is a new released game called “Dog Wars”.

What’s the premise of the game? Just like what it sounds like:

The game description is pretty much what most people would have guessed:

“Feed, water, train and fight your virtual dog against other players,”

“raise your dog to beat the best!”

Here are some screenshots

Apparently, the game makers don’t understand that making a game about dog fighting is as tasteful as it is making a game about, say oh… I don’t know, raping women or killing people for points.

The game is SUCH in bad taste that even Michael Vick, YES… you read correct MICHAEL VICK, is condemning it:

“I’ve come to learn the hard way that dog fighting is a dead-end street,”

“I think it’s important to send the smart message to kids, and not glorify this form of animal cruelty — even in an Android app.”

The game maker said that the game was intended to be “educational” and wanted inform the public about the atrocities of real dog fighting.

Right. Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg was their spokesperson.

So, We ask our PawshPal blog readers:

  1. Should this game be banned?
  2. Does the game maker really have good intent or are they trying to stir up us dog lovers to sell their games?
  3. Do you believe Michael Vick is sincere or is this just a publicity stunt?

Leave your thoughts in the comment box.


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  • ginger

    this is SICK,anyone who thinks animal abuse in any forum should never call them selves HUMAN,they are SICK,HATEFUL,LOWLIFE,who don’t deserve to be on this earth

  • Alice

    The whole thing is just wronge in so many ways. And as far as the makers of the game, maybe some one should be looking into there background. What are they doing when they are not making games about killing the inocent. Maybe this is based on there off time activities.

  • Brandy

    yes game should be banned!
    No the game maker does not have good intent!
    and yes publicity stunt for Vick, they say once a dog is a fighting dog, it always will be I feel the same way for the owners of the fighting dogs! I don’t think Vick will ever change, I just think he will now try to be more careful to not get caught with his actions, if he wasn’t caught the first time, I’m sure he’d still be doing what he does!!!!

  • Susan Cody

    I think this is despicable that this was even a thought in someones head. It is not for education purposes, it is just another way to make blood money. There is enough education on T.V. and the internet if you want it. Pits have a bad enough rap because of people who train them to fight. We need to educate people on the right way to treat these wonderful dogs and not educate them on how to brutalize them! This app needs to be stopped.

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