Patrick Reborn – Dog Left for Dead in Dumpster Now Strong & Healthy

Remember Patrick?

It seems someone above must be watching out for this furry creature, because now, Patrick is well and very able.

Patrick now even does public announcements and photo shoots for campaigns on spreading awareness about animal cruelty

Here are some video clips of Patrick in action since the original rescue from that evil witch Kisha Curtis:

Patrick getting his first dog bone biscuit

Patrick enjoying a bath

Patrick enjoying his meal

After a couple of weeks at the hospital, Patrick felt better and had the energy to take a walk and be a dog. Something he wasn’t able to do with that monster as his owner

Patrick is now strong enough to play tug of war

Patrick taking a nap

Patrick enjoying outside

Now, Patrick is so strong, he looks and ACTS just like a regular dog.. as if that incident never happened

On behalf of all animal lovers and PawshPal fans, I want to thank the Garden State Veterinary pet hospital team for bringing Patrick to life.

Much respect, admiration, and love to you all:

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  • ginger

    its amazing what love can do,thank you to everyone who showed PATRICK love,in return he will show more love to everyone he meets in his new walk in life.GOD BLESS YOU ALL, please remember DOG spelled backwards is GOD

  • Rhonda gamberg

    I don’t understand the cruelty of some people!!!So happy for Patrick he was rescued in time. Blessings to his angels for taking care of him. So glad he is doing so well now!

  • Lisa Hawkins

    I swear, humans are the most cruel species on this earth. I’ll never understand why anyone would get an animal of any kind and neglect them like that. Poor patrick was almost starved to death. IF YOU CAN’T OR WON’T CARE FOR AN ANIMAL, FOR HEAVEN SAKES, DON’T GET ONE!! Thank You to everyone that had a hand in patricks miraculous recovery!!

  • Bridgette

    Hi I have watched since day one when Patrick was found and followed this story everyday and cried my eyes out.I shared with all my friends on facebook.There was alot of prayers for this boy.Thank you so much for giving this beautiful Patrick his life back….sending lots of hugs and kisses for Patrick….Thank you you are all God’s angels! 🙂

  • Nina

    wow im so glad hes doing better! 😀

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