Do you REALLY think your dog is cute?

Then, submit your dog’s photo for the cutest pet of the month contest we call…


What is a Pawshmate?

PawshPal’s Cutie of the Month Contest!

(Cute dog or cat. Ok, we’ll consider orangutangs and chimps too.)

How is Pawshmate selected?

Simple. The submission with the most “Likes” by the dead line is the winner. People simply click on the “Like” vote.

Do I have to be in the picture?

Of course not. But we did notice that submissions with smiling ladies tend to get more votes. So, it’s preferred, but not required.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

  1. Picture – Submit a picture that shows a CLEAR face of your pet. Your face can be in it but make sure your face isn’t the focal point of the picture.
  2. Description – More is BETTER. The more you write (funny incident, interesting behavior, personality, or any interesting story) , the more “connection” people will feel to your dog.
  3. Tell your friends – Once you submit the picture, we will send you an email(*) with the URL (web address) to your dog. Post that URL on your Facebook, Twitter, email, or whatever you use to communicate with your friends.

(*) We do not send you the URL right away to prevent “cheating” by having an early start on everyone else. This email will be sent a day before OR on day of the contest.

I have multiple dogs. Can I enter them all?

Yes. You can “lump” them into a group or enter them individually.

You’ll have better chance of winning if you entered them separately.

I entered my dog before. Can I enter him/her again?

Yes. Please submit a different picture and description.

Can this contest be “rigged”?

Nope.  It’s technically impossible because that “Like” button is not controlled by PawshPal.

When is the next Pawshmate contest?

See the schedule below

How do I participate?

Submit your info along with your dog’s picture. Once we receive and approve it, we’ll send you followup information.

Submit your dog's picture for PawshPal's monthly Pawshmate Cutie of the Month Contest

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