Pearl: From a Homeless Dog to a Search & Rescue Dog

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Meet Pearl, a search and rescue dog for Search Dog Foundation.

Pearl is your every day, happy go lucky Lab.

Like most dogs now serving as search dogs, Pearl had a rough background.

Her first owner wasn’t home very much to take care of this high-energy dog.

So Pearl was given up at an animal shelter.

Pearl became an abandoned dog for having too much love and zeal for life.

Pearl was often passed up as a suitable dog because she had TOO much energy.

Energy that most people thought they couldn’t possibly handle.

It seemed dark.

There was no future for this dog.

But through the darkness came light. And Pearl was given a second chance.

The Search Dog Foundation (an organization that takes unwanted/rescued dogs and turn them into search & rescue dogs) saw Pearl and knew Pearl was perfect for them.

Now, Pearl is not only a loved dog, but a dog that RESCUES people in disaster situations:

Last year, Pearl was sent to Haiti to search for earthquake victims.

For 16 days, Pearl and her trainer Ron Horetski worked tirelessly (and without complaining) to find 12 survivors to safety.

Pearl has not only helped rescue people, but also touch the lives of little children.

The children were so inspired by Pearl that they made a book to honor Pearl.

Here’s a video clip preview of the book

Such an awesome story to an awesome dog.

Pearl is truly a man’s best friend.

>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE <<<<<<<<<<<

Pearl and a team of 6 from the Search Dog Foundation has been deployed to Japan to help find survivors.

Here are the latest pictures PawshPal has received from the foundation:

Dog handler Gary Durian of L.A. County Fire on Tuesday at 4:00 pm California time (8:00 am Wednesday Japan time) wrote:

It rained Tuesday, snowed all night, and is still snowing. Space heaters in the gym are helping to keep the Task Force personnel and the dogs warm when they’re not out searching. We are ‘delayering’ an area—Task Force members remove a layer of debris after it is searched and then we work the next layer.

We are divided into groups. Hunter and Joe are out searching now. When they finish, Cadillac, Baxter, and Riley will take their place. Pearl is resting today. The devastation from the tsunami is just unbelievable. The dogs are searching well and all their training has definitely paid off.

Want to know HOW you can HELP?

There are several THINGS you can do

1. Tell YOUR friends and family!

Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is one of MANY search and rescue organizations being sent to Japan, but the words needs to get out!

Share this article on your BLOG, your Facebook, your Twitter, or WHATEVER you use to communicate with your loved ones.

BY the way…. the Search Dog Foundation is a NON-PROFIT, 301c charter organization. They work SOLELY on donations and good will of people like YOU and ME. In another words, they don’t receive a DIME of tax collected by the government.

They were involved in search and rescue operations in 9-11 World Trade Center bombing in NYC, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, and ENDLESS number of domestic accidents as well as international disaster situations.

2. Make a DONATION.

If YOU love pets and believe what SDF is doing is good, please make a DONATION to SDF. You can make donations in honor or in memory of your dog that passed away.

AND ASK YOUR company if they match donations… get a better BANG for your donation buck.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,but because of those who look on and do nothing. – Albert Einstein

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    Pearl is a real gem. GOD had a plan for her all along.

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