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luckybrownie3How do you train your family members to train your pets while you’re away? Every time I leave the three little tails at home with my Parents and siblings, I usually get a phone call the next day telling me that XYZ pee peed in the house. Sigh….they almost never have this problem when they’re with me and/or TK. Why? We actually pay attention to them and make sure we take them out to pee/poo three times a day. Of course, if we wait too long, an accident is bound to happen. I never get mad at them though cuz really it’s our fault. We as humans picture-cocoa2can pee when we please. The toilet is usually just around the corner, but for the doggies? They have to hold it for as long as they can. My mom threatens to just kick them out in the backyard every time I get these calls and since the warm weather is soon to kick in….it’ll probably happen.

My family is the typical Vietnamese family unlike crazy dog owners. We just have them for kicks. We don’t nourish them with love. They’re just there. Why? I really don’t know. I on the other hand have changed because of TK. I am still fighting to keep them in the house. Why? They’re small, they shiver, and they have feelings. And really…they’re super good dogs. They just need to be let out every now and then, especially cuz they know they’re not supposed to do their dirty business in the house. Trust me. Korean and Vietnamese action is instilled in their brain. Don’t worry pooches. We will save you soon. BIG house with BIG backyard. None of this stinky apartment shit.

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