People Risking Lives to Save Dogs in Nuclear Disaster Zone

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How much do you love your dog?

If your pet was lost, to what length would you go to save your dog?

Would you search for him days? Weeks?

Would you take out a TV ad to find your dog?

Would you RISK your life entering a nuclear radiation hazard area?

When the biggest earthquake in history of man kind hit Japan, it was nothing but sheer chaos and confusion.

In fact, people were ordered to evacuate their homes overnight when the threat of tsunami and nuclear radiation (from the nuclear reactors damaged by the tsunami), they had no choice to leave quickly and abandon their dogs.

Not only were they left alone to fend for their own food and water, some of them were still tied to their houses… and could not forage for food.

FORTUNATELY, the people of Japan are animal lovers.

People in Japan are actually RISKING their lives to enter nuclear hazard zones to feed and rescue them, and eventually reunite them with their owners.

What an awesome story. Bring tears to my eyes.

I guess this is people’s way of saying “thanks” to dogs when they helped us find our own.

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  • Laurrette Lavallee

    unbelievable where are the people to save these precious lives and me I wouyld never leave my pet or any animals connected to me Iwould rather stay with them

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