Pet Crafts Are Super Fun

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cst1-1l-low1There are so many craft projects centered on pets! Love it! I’ve been looking at several sites to see what kind of creative ideas people have come up with.

One of my favorite ideas came from Better Homes and Garden. It’s a cozy quilted pet bed. Crazy? haha…absolutely. I haven’t even made the time to make a quilt for a human let alone give time to my dogs, but definitely when I have some time to spare I’d take on this project.

Scanning through another site, I found a list of cool stuff ranging from costumes, puppy beaded safety pins, soda pop can puppy, and of course food with pets! I think this would be another classification of dog craze/pampering.

Remind me to stamp my forhead with GUILTY.

Anyway, I think my next pet related project will be in the form of dessert. =) Don’t worry, I’m not going to eat my dogs.

What I really want is to make cupcakes that look like dogs. Anyone have some cool ideas to share with me?

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