Pet Food Conspiracy?

Is there a conspiracy?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those conspiracy freaks that thinks that there’s conspiracy to everything.. area 51, Elvis Presley still being alive, NASA didn’t REALLY land on the moon, etc.

Because to be quite frank, they don’t really matter to me. (Unless of course, Elvis Presley landed on the moon!)

But this one hits close to home because I LOVE my dog and I would do ANYTHING (like sleep 3 hrs in 2 days to find him if he got lost)

So, when I came across this notion that the pet food industry is covering things up from us.. I began to search some more.

First off, let me ask you… do you know where commercial pet food comes from?

Here’s a video that tells it like it is. (Warning: it’s a bit graphic.)

In fact, there are some really GRUESOME videos that show how pet food is really made and this is the LEAST gross.

In fact, it appears that certain pet food companies have intentionally released products to the public that they KNEW were harmful.

So, I began to wonder, is there something that we do NOT know?

It turns out, there is… a whole lot.

Why? Because it’s in the profit-makin-corporations’ interest that we do not know or care.

Might wanna take a look at what this guy has to say:

Want more info?

Click here:

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