Pet Rental Service As Solution to Pet Overpopulation Problem?

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Ever hear the phrase, “Three’s a Crowd”?

How about “150 million a crowd”?

Yeap, that’s how many pets there were in US alone in 2007 (not even 2011, which is probably way higher).

Let’s face the reality: there are WAY too many pets.


Back yard breeders and un-neutered pets are pumping out these cute furry friends are driving up the number ever so more.

On top of that, there are for-profit breeders AND people are reluctant to adopt… AND people reluctant to neuter their pets.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough homes or people wanting them.

And shelters have limited resources, including money, time, and man power.

The current solution? Pet euthanasia

But what about another option?

An option that would take excess dog population and put it to “good” use in humane, ethical manner AND is financially feasible.

How about taking unwanted excess pet population and renting them out?

Ok, a lot of you maybe thinking “WHAT???? ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK???”

Seriously, before you jump to the conclusion.. let’s look at the facts.

IN 2009 alone, estimated 4 MILLION dogs and cats were euthanized.

That’s 10,959 dogs and cats euthanized EVERY DAY.

That’s 457 dogs and cats euthanized EACH HOUR.

(Warning: Following video is very graphic)

Now, instead of putting these innocent creatures to sleep (whose only crime is that that they were born – something that they had zero control over), why not give them an opportunity to

1) live another day and get LOVED

2) make someone smile and create more joy & happiness

3) create businesses, and ultimately jobs (remember, we’re in recession)

Sure, the opponents will say that this is “exploiting” dogs as disposable items” … or “pets need stability in their lives”… or that this is “disrepectful” because there is no “commitment”.

Well, to that I’d say, we can either have pets who felt “disrespected” but live … OR euthanized pets.

A California dog-rental company CEO writes

… dogs often come from shelters and are specially selected for temperaments that can withstand the weekly uprooting. She said they are not without structure and routine

in their lives; when they are not rented out to customers, the animals live in dog day-care facilities where they roam free and enjoy pack camaraderie.

She said the dogs may wish they were in more permanent situations but that compared with the shelters where many of them came from, they are better off.

“Bear in mind that these dogs are in need of homes, and they understand that,” she said.

“They are happy to not be caged up, to receive top veterinary care, to be regularly groomed, to be active, and to be playing with other dogs.”

The company says its target market is busy professionals without time to care for a dog of their own.

In another words, pets get treated BETTER there because they’re company “assets”, not just an animal.

(And if you get offended by me using the word “asset” to describe a pet, please.. get a reality check. The managment people of the company/organization you work for probably call YOU an asset. It’s not offensive.)

In fact, this California company isn’t the first or the only one doing this.

Japan, a country well known for its citizens’ love for pets, has a similar service company:

Puppy the World is a dog rental store. You can choose small, medium, or large breeds and rent them for $19/hr, or $100 a night.

They have everything from chihuahuas to labs to border collies to papillons—and you get a 5% discount at the cafe if you rent one!

You can’t lose.

Every day, they have about 10-15 dogs in circulation.

The dogs rotate in and out of service every few days.

The ones in service stay on-site in a kennel, and the rest are all kept in nearby facility on their days off.

The average dog works for about 5-6 years before they retire.

Once they retire, they go to a facility in Chiba where they rest.

I think this service makes perfect sense for people who are

1) too busy to keep a pet full time but want to have the companionship of a pet on as-needed basis
2) wanting to “try out” their first pet ownership before committing 100% (similar to fostering, but with less legality and less paperwork)

but most importantly


Yeap. The dating market is over a BILLION dollars a year in US alone.

Imagine tapping some of that dollars into SAVING pet lives.

How? Renting out pets to men in hopes of attracting ladies.

Oh sure, you might say “that’s false advertisement” if a lady actually thinks that her date is an actual pet lover (and not just a one-time “renter” who just used the dog as a bait).

But come on, let’s be REAL.

What about women in heels? That’s not their TRUE height.

What about women in make up? That’s not their TRUE (natural) face.

What about men being “nice” on first date to get the first impression? He’s just trying to score a second date.

Would you consider those lies?


In fact, this “expoiting dog to get date” is even encouraged to women.. BY women:

I think dog rental makes PERFECT sense because it’s a win-win situation.

What do you think?

Do you agree or do you think I’m smoking crack?

Put your thoughts in the comment box below.

Sources –, Humane Society, NY Times, and Tokyo Mango.

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