Pets and Swine Flu

dog wearing mask There’s a lot of talk morbid news about the swine flu in the news these days. I am certain a lot of people are wondering if dogs and cats can actually contract the disease, and god forbid,  transmit the disease to humans.

Turns out, there is no evidence to support that they can contract it:

Q: Can animals, such as dogs or cats, contract the swine flu? If so, can they transfer it to humans?

CNN: There is no evidence that dogs and cats can contract swine flu. Still, this is a new strain of swine flu virus, and investigators can’t rule it out until more tests are done. In the past, the avian H5N1 flu has infected domestic cats and at least one dog in Thailand, according to the scientific literature. In 2004, the equine H3 virus appeared to infect dogs. There have been no reports of dogs or cats spreading the flu to people.

Well, at least our canine and feline friends are safe!

I can’t believe this (sometimes) cute animal can cause us so much trouble!

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