Pick Up Dog Poop & Win Gold Nuggets

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Have you ever seen someone who lets his/her dog poop and NOT pick up the doo-doo after?

Yeah, me too.

It’s frickin’ annoying.

In fact, this perpetual “dog poop war” is all over the media:

– In the perhaps aptly named town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, an argument between neighbors about cleaning up dog poop ended up with one neighbor flinging poop at the owner of the canine poop-e-trator.

– A woman in Naperville, Illinois, was arrested for smearing dog poop on a neighbor’s patio after stepping in it (the poop, not the patio).

– Two women in Madison, Wisconsin, were cited for disorderly conduct after smearing dog poop on each other’s car windshields. Each had claimed that the other’s dogs were doing the doo in the other’s yard.

– Two 13-year-olds in Houma, Louisiana, were arrested for attacking a lawn-care worker during an argument over dog poop.

Sometimes, the “dog poop rage” gets so bad that even normal people can turn straight up psychotic:

In fact, the “dog poop war” is so bad that there are dog poop DNA companies profiting from apartment complexes that are using them to fine dog owners who don’t pick up poop.

Sound stupid?


But, it doesn’t end there.

The Department of Ecology, in hopes of getting pick up their dog’s ecologically harmful poop, spent $27,000 to make this public message video:

So what’s the solution?

Apparently, giving people fines for not picking up dog poop is NOT working.

And this is EXACTLY what a city in Taiwan is doing: instead of negative reinforcement, the city is using POSITIVE reinforcement.

Starting from August 1, dog owners and other residents of New Taipei City, bordering the capital Taipei, can hand in waste to government cleaning teams in exchange for tickets to a lucky draw. The prizes: three gold ingots worth T$60,000 ($2,100), T$18,000 and T$12,000.

In US dollars, each ticket offers a chance at a drawing for one of three gold ingots, worth $2,081, $624 and $416 dollars.

Effectively, turning POOP into gold.

Makes perfect sense.

Just like dogs, people do not respond well to criticisms and dictatorial commands.. instead people like compliments and rewards.

What do you think?

Is this ridiculous?

Should our government be doing the same thing here? Do you think it will work here?

Write your thoughts in the comment box below.

Src: The Week, No. VA. dog blog, Reuters

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  • ginger

    every time you take your dog for a walk just put a doggie diaper on your dog,save the government money & keep neighbors happy that way you clean your own dog poop up everyone’s HAPPY (:

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