Pit Bull Ban in Michigan Scrapped

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Let’s face it. Most people are scared, or at least have twisted notion, of pit bulls.

They’re big, muscular, and quite ferocious looking.

But that’s being superficial.

In fact, that’s what the Michigan law makers have thought when they introduced a bill to, well, practically BAN pit bulls for the fact that pit bulls were responsible for the majority of dog attacks in Michigan:

In the first year, Pit Bulls would be banned from entering the state.

In the first four years, all current Pit Bull owners would be forced to sterilize their pet.

Finally, after ten years of the law being place, then the so-called “dangerous dog” would be completely outlawed.

If a Pit Bull owner refused to follow the guidelines in time, then they could face up to 93 days in jail, $500 to $2,000 in fines, and community service.

So what exactly is a “pit bull”, according to the law proposal?

(a) An American pit bull terrier

(b) An American Staffordshire bull terrier

(c) A Staffordshire bull terrier

(d) A dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any 1 or more of the breeds listed in subdivisions (a) to (c)

Interesting.. how exactly do the law makers intend on defining “majority”?

Reaction from the people Michigan?

As you can imagine, not so great:

We dog lovers know that dogs aren’t good or bad by themselves.

Sure, they have experienced some negative coverage in media (like those vicious pictures from dog fighting) but the dogs don’t fight for FUN. They fight because of the people who want to profit from animal cruelty.

In fact, pit bulls are just like every other dog.

They just reflect who the owners are.

If pit bulls are naturally vicious, how can pit bulls be used as therapy dogs?

If pit bulls are naturally evil, why would the celebrity Katherine Heigl go out of her way to save them?

If pit bulls are naturally aggressive, how do the law makers explain this?

What do you think?

Is this law justifiable given pit bulls’ predominant involvement in dog attacks, or is this a case of “big brother” doing too much?


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  • I Love my Pit

    I own a pit. And ignorant people will make ignoramous judgments. I also own a chihuahua, who is FAR more aggressive than my pit bull. My smaller dog has a territorial issue and bosses around my younger, larger pitbull.

    Judgement on dogs is much like the racial profiling we do in this country. The media only reports crimes committed by black men, so we perceive that they are ALL dangerous. When a white man commits a crime, it is rarely televised in such respect. Therefore there is a social stigma against black men that look a certain way… It’s America and the way people are easily led to believe the “hype.”

  • James White

    Mimi you never read articles about golden retrievers mauling people cause the media doesn’t want to put it on papers cause no will care. The media doesn’t have time for crap cause it won’t home a paycheck.
    No one is going to care about a golden retriever or poodle attacking someone all they will do is just defend the dog and just laugh.
    But funny how they think they can ban a dog from entering a state yet wild animals like tigers are probably accepted where these pitbulls are banned

  • Mimi

    I’ve never read articles on golden retrievers mauling people…but have read many on pitbulls. Many owners don’t properly socialize them, do I don’t trust them. Even my vet shared that she feels uneasy around them. Ban them.

  • ginger

    i love all dogs, it’s people that help make some breeds bad dogs, but i must say that SOME BREEDS should be owned by only some people,cause some breeds can be dangerous they were breed that way for the amusement of sick people,we humans are sometimes nonhuman

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