Please Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

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scoopthe_poopI don’t understand why people don’t pick up their own dog’s poop. It’s so annoying! In order to have a clean park for you, your pet  and other community members to enjoy, it needs to be clean! You should always pick up your dog’s poop, especially when poop bags are readily available at the park.

I’ll be honest. I’m not as readily inclined to pick up other dog’s poop, but my boyfriend cannot stand it. He will literally pick up any poop he sees along the whole park. And believe me, it stinks. Not only do they stink,  but for a lot of piles you can tell they came from big dogs.

This pet owner said it best. If you don’t pick up your dog’s doo doo, “You might get punched in the face, a lot of people are sick of you not picking up after your dog and will not stand for it!”


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