Possible Kitty Love?

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I’m personally not a big fan of cats. The big reason? Simple. I’m deathly allergic to them. My eyes itch and water. My sinuses act up. My chest gets congested. My head hurts. I do think that kittens are super cute, BUT when they grow up they no longer retain their adoring look. They look like furry witches. Most people tell me that cats grow on you. They also tell me that they enjoy the fact that cats are less work and more self-maintaining. I guess it’s true. I’ve seen cats that are pretty amusing to watch…ones that love to climb into boxes and bags. Hmm….but have you wondered what lies behind those sly eyes of theirs? They always appear to be scheming something. Not to mention I’ve heard stories of cats eating their owners w/o as much reserve as a dog. So there you have it. Cats are not my favorite. Sorry cat fans, even if cats can be amusing and lovable, I will never be able to welcome them into my home. Biggest reason? Blame it on allergies.

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