Ricochet: From Service Dog to Surface Dog

Remember that Hero Dog Award?

This is bit of an old news since the event ended, but this dog is worth mentioning again.

What do you do when you plan for something and it doesn’t go the way you want?

Sure, we get down, mad, sad, angry, hopeless… And it’s perfectly understandable.

So what do you do when you train a dog to be a dog of service to people in need (i.e. with disability), but yet the dog loves to chase birds and squirrels?

I’m sure a person in a wheel chair wouldn’t appreciate being pulled 30 miles per hour.

So what do you do? Give up? No, you keep your faith and hope for the best.

Meet Ricochet.

Ricochet was raised to be a service dog, yet found her purpose, her passion, and her joy in surfing.

And in the process, touched millions of people’s hearts.

In fact, Ricochet was also a winner of the Hero Dog Awards.

Here’s her story, in a tear jerker yet inspiring video:


Ricochet was born into the “Puppy Prodigies Neo-Natal & Early Learning Program” with the intention of becoming a service dog for a person with disability.

Her training began the moment she was born.

She quickly progressed with her service dog training.

She was truly a prodigy puppy.


As she grew, so did her instinct for chasing birds, which could be a risk to a person with a disability.

I tried for months to “make” her something she wasn’t.

But finally had to release her from the program.

I was very disappointed.

But rather than focus on what she couldn’t do, I focused on what she COULD do.

.. Which was surfing.

So she became a surfice dog, and she started fundraising for charitable causes.

Her first fundraiser was for a 15 year old quadraplegic surfer, Patrick Ivison.

She surfed tandem with Patrick as part of her fundraising activities.

She was a different dog when she surfed with Patrick.

Totally joyful and 100% committed to her new direction, counter balancing the board to keep Patrick from falling off.

And if he did fall off, she was right there by his side.

When I let go of who I wanted to be, and just her be, she completely flourished.

And I reveled in knowing she’s perfect just the way she is.

Ricochet raised over $10,000 for Patrick and 3 years of his physical therapy will be covered by a grant from her sponsor, WebMD health foundation.

The funds raised will allow amazing things to continue happening.

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