Salute to Working Military Dogs

Veteran’s day… what a solemn day it is.

As we wind down Veteran’s Day of 2011, I’d like to point out the countless achievements military dogs have done in these stories:

  1. Tribute to Men, Women, and Dogs That Risk Their Lives to Protect Us
  2. Military Bionic Dogs
  3. Rising Demand for Adoption of Ex-Military Dogs
  4. Beagles Welcome Soldier Home
  5. Fallen Solider and His Military Dog Killed in Action Buried Together
  6. Dogs of War Not Forgotten
  7. War Dog Theo Awarded Medal of Honor
  8. Solidier and His Dog Laid to Rest
  9. Airborne Dog Helps Catch Osama bin Laden
  10. War Hero Dog Adopted by Fallen Marine’s Parents
  11. Animals in warfare

Dogs are loyal friends who are willing to do anything to please us and make us smile, even if it means getting in the way of harm so that it can protect its owner.

Today, we salute these working military animals, for not only helping us, but also giving us smile, happiness, and peace during war, even if it maybe short lived.

Here’s an inspirational video for you all.

If you know anyone in the armed services, please share this article with them.

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