Saving One Dog at a Time

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There are lots of things that are wrong with the world, and we can’t possibly do everything about every problem.

But we can do ONE thing.. for ONE person… or for ONE dog.

Here is a story of how ONE person doing ONE thing led to saving ONE dog and making this ONE world a better place to live:


just one dog

there are lots of dogs.. with lots of stories

but this story is about just one

and it is about just one person

12-23-09 3:00 PM

an animal rescuer is walking he rows of kennels in a high kill shelter

two days before chrismas.. the sad and painful truth is tha many of these animals will not be alive by the New Year

the rescuer is here on this day, to save one dog… a neglected cocker girl that has been here nearly a month.

(cocker) she has a nervous tic and her head twitches, but this is not her story.

she will be safe with a quality rescue group who will rehabilitate her and find her a forever home

then whose story is it?

the rescuer who sees him stops… a heart beat skips.

that’s right… it is this boy’s story.

he is sad, defeated, given up all hope

he appears to be suffering from demodectic mange, which is treatable

Sidenote: Demodectic mange

… in dogs is caused by a sensitivity to and overpopulation of Demodex canis if the animal’s immune system is unable to keep the mites under control. There are two types of demodectic mange: localized and generalized. Localized consists of 4 spots or less. Most dogs are immune to demodectic mange, however dogs with compromised immune systems and the elderly are at a higher risk. It is not contagious to humans.

the raw bloody skin must hurt – he also appears to have an eye infection

his right eye is closed and his left eye has discharge

and that one person… who first meets him can’t stop thinking about him

(dog) he will certainly be put to sleep at any hour

he is shy and timid, but gentle when taking a cookie

what can be done?

there are many young healthy and adoptable dogs at his shelter all equally deserving of being rescued

but this poor boy sure looks like he could use an extra boost of help

so that one person.. decides to do just one thing

12-23-09 8:00 PM

that one person sends an email out to other people, with pictures and video clip to ask for help for this dog

each person who receives that email decides to do just one thing

they forward that email and write their own plea

by 10 PM, offers for donations are coming in… but still no rescue group to take him

he (dog) doesn’t know it… but a lot of people whom have never met him.. each one of those people out there, are doing just one thing… for just one dog.

then something happens overnight

12-24-09 10:00 AM

a rescue group has offered to take him in!

now more people are stepping forward to do just one thing

a vet has offered a generous rescue discount

one person rushes to the shelter to get him out – they are closing early today

another person transports him from the shelter to the vet who is waiting and staying open late on Christmas Eve

someone has given him a name…. no more ID number for him.. he is known as Stanley.

another person, and another, and another…

they are all calling the vet right now to make a donation over the phone

and all this time, Stanley has no idea what is about to happen to him

look closely at his tail… it is about to make the teeniest tiniest wag


that is what we live to see!

good boy, Stanley! good boy!

Call it a Chrismas Miracle? or did this all happen because of a lot of people each decided to take pause in their day.. to do just one thing for just one dog.

Stanley doesn’t know you, he can’t thank you, he may never meet most of you.

But while you are celebrating the holidays, Stanley will be at the animal hospital, getting good care and celebrating the life you are giving him.

Thank you for supporting animal rescue ..

and thank you Stanley, for giving us humans a second chance

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