Search Dog Team Returns Home Safely

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Unless you live on a deserted island with no TV, radio, internet, or newspaper, you now know that Japan suffered the biggest earthquake in history of mankind.

A team of search & rescue dogs (ironically, these rescue dogs that used to be “rescued dogs”) were sent to Japan.

After a grueling week of searching, they are back.

Every one of them. Safe.


Last night I was at the Task Force facility near Los Angeles to welcome home our Search Teams from their deployment to Japan. You can imagine my joy, relief, and pride, when I saw the buses carrying the 72 members of Los Angeles Task Force 2 roll into the receiving area. The handlers looked tired and relieved, but also cheerful and upbeat, and so proud of their dogs! The welcoming crowd was full of warmth, admiration and appreciation. Though no survivors were found during the search, we are all so grateful to the teams, knowing they brought comfort to the devastated community, assuring residents that everything possible had been done to find survivors.


“Just being at this deployment to Japan was life-changing for me. We were surrounded by complete destruction. I realized that the objects I was walking on had come from somewhere else far away. At first, it was challenging just to get your head around it all. Seeing the dogs function in this extreme search environment completely validated the training we have done.”

On behalf of everyone who

– cared, cried, and prayed for the victims of the earthquake…
– has compassion and gives to those who are in need anywhere, anytime…
– feels the universal bond between all of humanity, animals, and nature… and cares…
– loves dogs for their unconditional love and loyalty..

we here, at PawshPal, salute and give thanks to the heroes and their dogs who gave their time and passion to help those in need.

Welcome home.

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  • Sondra

    I am so proud of every single one of those rescue dogs. They are amazing! and I am grateful to the handlers and the team for being tireless and courageous! Thank God you are all home safe. : D)

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