Sharing bed with your dog

sleeping with dog

Yes, I am guilty. I should be in prison. Lock me up and throw away the key.

Last night, it was cold and the bed was not warm yet. I had a choice. Let my dogs crawl and cozy up, thus serving as little mini-heaters, or let them freeze while I freeze too. 

I had no choice. This was a matter of survival. I let these canine beasts with their potentially ferocious and deadly bites into my bed where I sleep defenseless. I had to pray for divine protection that they would not go crazy and decide to bite my head off with their vicious 1/4 inch long teeth.

(OK, no more Animal Planet and Man vs. Wild after 9 PM for me.)

I plead guilty to the crime of letting my dog into my bed. I know a lot of dog trainers and dog owners who like to separate dog’s domain and human domain separate get mad at this behavior, but I seem to give up pretty quickly when they look at me with their round puppy eyes, begging me to let them into my bed.

I know this is a owner/pet domain exclusion issue. In fact, this lady is all about maintaining and asserting your domain ownership and letting your dog know that this is not an acceptable behavior:

There’s no problem if he’s been snoozing in your bed and hops off as soon as you show up, but another altogether if you need to order him out of the way, or physically haul him off so you can lay down. If he’s challenging you for authority, you need to put a stop to it immediately, and make him work for everything he wants or needs, and reassert yourself as the pack leader. 

When I let the dogs sleep in my room, I let them do whatever they want, which was to claim the sections of the bed even before I even had the chance to go in. The “pack leader” in me flipped out so I chucked them out of the bed. I let them know that this was not an OK behavior. And it worked, for about 2 days.

Then these boogers figured out that after I pass out, I wouldn’t notice them sneaking into the bed by squirming in between the sheets. Smart bastids. When they started to do this, I would let them know that I wasn’t having this. And I was very persistent about this, but they were even more persistent. After a while, I got tired and well, now they creep into bed almost every night after I pass out.

Bad pack-leader behavior? Perhaps. Smart dogs? Yeap. Lazy owner? For sure.

Do you let your dogs sleep with you in your bed?

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