Slentrol: Why?

Before anyone judges me, please remember, i started this website because I love animals, particularly dogs. I even let my dogs sleep on my bed. I am not too fond of people who let their dogs’ health deteriorate. I even cared about dogs getting fat. So much that I posted statistics on pet obesity.

But weight loss pill for dogs? Come ON.

Pfizer, a multi-billion dollar drug company, came out with Slentrol, a weight loss pill for dogs. Give me a break.

Sure, I understand capitalism: market demand drives product innovation. Blah blah.

But there’s also this thing called accountability (some call it “ethics”). As a company, profit isn’t THE ONLY bottom line. Especially as a company that serves the public by making drugs relevant to public’s well being, it has to properly allocate where the man power goes. Sure, “ROI” is measured in dollars. What about “serving the mankind” ROI?

We are feeding ourselves to death. Maybe it’s a narcisstic thing to make our dogs look like us.

Sure, I’m sure the media is blowing it up to get some of us riled up about it, but heck, take a look at some of these comments from Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Slentrol:

Wow. Just…… Is there any wonder why people in the Middle East that live in abject poverty with no education hate the US? Doggie obesity drugs policed with genetic studies funded by the taxpayer? Are you kidding me?

Why don’t people just get out walk their dogs? Then both will loose wait instead injesting poison into the their bodies to support drug companies.

Just so we are all on the same sheet of music here……………….

IT’S A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it gets hungry enough, it will eat you. My gawd, our society is sick.

Ok maybe I’m just nuts. Maybe just too cynical.

I would love to get your feedback on this. Please, SOMEONE… tell me I’m wrong.

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  • Lindsay

    That is wrong! I agree! How about some exercise, portion control and healthier kibble? It bothers me when people are so lazy they allow their dogs to be overweight right along with them.

  • wendi watson

    I ike the dog lester at san diego.

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