Social Media Helps Find Stolen Dog

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Remember that time people used Twitter to help save 600 dogs in China?

Well, social media came to rescue once again.

Meet George.

George is a a three-year-old blue Staffordshire Terrier from Australia.

Out of a clear sunny day, George was brazenly dognapped at a busy street while his owner, Nahji Chu, had him tied to a pole so that she can get to an ATM machine.

Luckily, there was an elderly woman who’s noticed a bald, older man who walked off with George.

Instead of despairing or relying on old traditional methods of calling the police, Nahji Chu took the matters in her own hands.

She used Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

Within 48 hours, she had 1200 supporters who helped spread her word. On top of that, 20 people volunteered to help look for George on foot with her.

George was finally found by a policeman, who refused the $4,000 reward for George and instead gave the money to an animal charity organization.

And now.. George is back with the RIGHT person once again.

What an awesome story.

While there’s no video of the two uniting, I bet it would look something like this:

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  • ginger

    thank you for both the pictures & video now this is the way to treat your dog & if you do your heart will be full,we so called humans are not the only beings in this world who know how to love,so HUG your pets every day & you will get back TRUE LOVE

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