Social Media Wins Again: Dog Meat Festival Cancelled in China

Yeap, China’s attitude towards eating dogs is definitely changing.

Remember that time people used twitter to stop a truck that were carrying 600 dogs on their way to a slaughterhouse?

Similarly, thanks to awareness that started online, animal lovers in China were able to stop a 600 year old tradition.

What is it?

A festival celebrating dog meat.

About 1,500 dogs were about to be killed and eaten during this festival.

But China is a nation with a VERY rapidly growing middle class.

And the Chinese attitude toward dog and sympathy towards animals is closely resembling that of the US.

When the word got out about the festival, Chinese animal lovers stood up and raised their voice.

Whew! Close call.

Thank goodness – 1500 dogs and puppies were saved.

The attitude towards dogs is changing all over asia:


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