Solidier and His Dog Laid to Rest

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Meet Liam Tasker.

Liam, a British soldier, and his dog, Theo, a Springer Spaniel mix, were teammates.

Their job? Detect hidden bombs that were killing innocent people and other soldiers.

They were good. Very good.

In fact, so good that they hold the record for highest number of bombs detected + defused.

But not only were they just “teammates”, they did EVERYTHING together. They were inseparable.

One day, Liam and Theo got into a fire fight with the enemies.

Liam was shot and died on the spot.

Theo was wounded and transferred to a hospital. But Theo died a couple of hours later.

The doctors say that he had a seizure.

But we, animal lovers, know… dog whose master will never come back is a dog with a broken heart.

We at PawshPal salute Liam Tasker (26) and his loyal dog Theo for giving their lives to make this world a safer place for us all.

And we will always remember war dogs that work tirelessly to please and protect us.

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