Sometimes, Caring Backfires

If you read this blog on regular basis, I am sorry to say that I haven’t updated this much in the past couple of months.

After running PawshPal for a couple of years, it seemed like running it as a business didn’t seem like a viable opportunity.

But I sincerely do.. and STILL do… love animals.

That’s why I keep posting on PawshPal Facebook fanpage… but sometimes even the best of intention backfires.

I shared this photo of a soldier caring for stray dogs in Afghanistan (or maybe Iraq)

And of course, no matter HOW good your intentions are, there’s always SOME asswipe who’s out there to crush you.

Ian Penman: i dont know if that speaks to his benevolence, since he’s shooting -other people-

But luckily, most of the people ARE awesome and did back me up.

Joanne Landry: Ian, he’s in a War ……

Melissa Duell McMenamin: Really Ian just because your fighting for your country don’t mean your not caring.

Lynn Harvey: Ian, you’re an ass. Sorry, but had to be said. My nephew fought in Afganistan for just short of a year. For one, he never shot anyone; he protected his buddies and made sure that people were safe. And yes, he was in a FOB. My nephew is…See More

Kathy Grill: It is my very firm belief that one has to be extremely caring in order to put their lives at stake and go to war for their country and their people. Extremely caring and even more extremely unselfish. I can’t imagine a more caring or unselfish act to be performed on this earth.

Daniela Sanchez: IAN, SHUTUP , ur lucky tht ur not out there fighting for our country with brusies,cuts and everything …he is there so the bad ppl wont hurt us now u get….duhh

Andrea Miller: Animals know who the good guys are. ♥

Thanks everyone for speaking my thought..

Yeah, it was a frivolous comment war.. but the truth remains

1. We need to show compassion to animals
2. Wars are stupid and we need to end them

Jake Russell: Regardless..war is stupid and the earth is pplleennttyy big enough for all of us..i’m a A.F. Vet. And Ian isn’t that far off. Yea the pic is nice cuz what it depicts, but let’s not forget all the unnecessary wars and deaths that follow..its sad that animals get abused but sheesh, let’s make love not war..isn’t that how the saying goes?


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