Staffordshire Bull Terriers Should All Be Banned

Note: This is a parody. Please read in its entirety before deciding which reaction you’d like to have.

Lawmakers say bull terriers are quite fierce and pose danger to society.

So they say we should ban them.

Why do they say that?

Because of what they’ve seen on TV or read in the newspaper.

But what about kitchen knives, golf clubs, and baseball bats?

They’ve been used in crimes before, so let’s ban them all too.

… and while at it, why don’t we ban smiling, laughing, flowers, music, and anything beautiful.

And Mr.Lawmaker, you don’t know this but monkeys, cats, and squirrels are also about to wage a war on us humans.

See? Here’s the proof:

As a conclusion, we should ban all animal with fur on them.

Let’s face it. Bull terriers don’t have a good reputation.

Why? Because of the media and pictures like this:

These bull terriers, because of their muscular build, obedience, and tenacity, are constantly used and abused.

And as a result, bull terriers are constantly under attack by the media.

In fact, the media has portrayed this dog breed to be so evil that even lawmakers have tried to ban them.

Of course, the main stream media won’t cover stories where these “vicious” bull terriers actually do opposite: be cuddly and help people.

Staffordshire bull terriers, also known as Staffies, share the same bad rep.

According to Wikipedia:

Due to its breeding, the modern dog is known for its character of indomitable courage, high intelligence, and tenacity.

This, coupled with its affection for its friends, its off-duty quietness and trustworthy stability, make it a foremost all-purpose dog.

It has been said that “No breed is more loving with its family”.

It is the only breed to have the words ‘totally reliable’ in its breed standard

Yet, the the media (in UK) has practically declared war on the portrayal of these dogs:

Since the UK Dangerous Dogs Act made it illegal to own breeds such as the pit bull terrier, the press have reported many cases of attacks by Staffordshire Bull Terriers or dogs described as a “Staffordshire bull terrier cross” on children, adults and family pets.

When there is a dog attack and it involves a Staffie, what’s the image that the media shows?

That behavior represents (probably) less than 1% of the time, if it does ever occur.

SO why won’t the media show how they are the other 99% of the time? Pictures like these:


Very simple: RATINGS.

Media companies make money from advertising. In another words, more viewers/attention = more money.

And what better way to get attention than to spread FEAR.

This is NOT advancing the human civilization.

This is NOT what a humane society would do OR tolerate.

That’s not how PawshPal operates.

Instead, PawshPal would like to recognize a dog breed that has been misunderstood and cast aside by the society as the modern “Frankenstein”.

Here’s an excellent video clip that shows how these Staffies REALLY are.


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  • dogowner Melbourne

    Sorry, allow to disagree in two points. We have just lost another 4 year old due to a Pit Bull Terrier attack in Melbourne. That is not the media, it is a fact. True, the owner input plays a major role, BUT:
    If you treat a e.g. a labrador to become mean and vicious, they would never tear a child apart. If you spoil your Chihuahua so that it actually turns more vicious than a Pit Bull Terrier, it is physically not able to tear you apart.
    There is something like “strength” they bring with them and a tendency of aggression (breed for herding or dog fight). Any person who has scars or lost life due to a pet dog of his own or another’s no matter if treated well or badly is one too much. And there is a black and white statistic that shows, which dogs can do very bad “damage”, in SanFrancisco the boy grew up with the pit bull since he was a puppy and still killed him at 12 years of age. When my Kelpie tried to kill me, I would stand a chance of winning. So there are two considerations: one: the breed itself turning more easily vicious and dangerous when treated wrongly, second: the breed itself having the physical strength to be not fend off that easily than other dogs.
    Therefore, yes, I agree, it is the dog owners fault, but yes, I agree to have them banned and even all desexed and not allowed to be owned anymore, while owners seem to fail far too often. Sorry guys, as much as they can be lovely, there are lots of other lovely dogs, too.

  • Shelly

    This issues surrounding this breed have always concerned me. It is sad that they are so misunderstood, and used in ways that they should never be used. I think my Chihuahua X Yorkie is more Vicious than the Staffordshire Terrier, but she’s little so no one would ever suspect. If you took my cute little dog and treated her the way these Staffordshires are treated she too would become mean, and vicious. It’s all in how a dog is treated and trained that makes all the difference. I really feel badly for these dogs.

  • Marcia Watson

    Its the owners that should be banned. They train these vicious dogs

  • kimmunshaw

    I do not agree with all this banning at all.ALL DOGS ARE CAPABLE OF AGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR.DOGS ARE LIKE CHILDREN THEY LIVE WHAT THEY LEARN.Unfortunatly breeds are paying the price for unsocialized,attack/fight trained dogs and the twisted individuals that make them that way.

  • Theresa

    i think pit bulls give Staffies a bad name. people need to understand that pitbulls are mutts of different bully breeds. so one breed should not be targeted because they look like the mutts that have a similar look to them.

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