Starving Dog Jumps from 3rd Floor Window to Find Food

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Apparently, some people NEVER learn from the case of Patrick, a dog that was starved, thrown down a 20 story building garbage chute, and left to die in the garbage compactor.

A female pit bull in SEVERE starvation, broken hips and back was found on the grounds of a 3-story building in New Bedford, MA.

Why? It was starving for FOUR weeks with no food or water in a locked apartment.

When the officials came to rescue the pit bull, they managed to enter the apartment.

What did they find?

Flea infestation and feces, everywhere.

What else?

A 4 month old puppy that belonged to the pit bull.

It is thought the apartment’s owners had left the animals on their own without food for as long as two months.

The property manager for the building said the previous tenant had moved out two months before the dogs were found, but had no contact information for them.

Luckily, the mother dog and her puppy have recovered and are doing well.

Here’s what the officials had to say:

As I write this.. Several questions come to mind.

1. What kind of awful human being would do this?
2. What kind of punishment is fit for this kind of animal crime?
3. How on EARTH did the apartment manager not know of this? I’m certain the dogs probably barked and scratched at some point and someone must’ve heard something.

I am in total shock. Granted that being neglected for 4 weeks is nothing compared to being neglected for 10 years or having your tongue cut out so you don’t scream in prison, but still, this is an outrage.

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