To Neuter Or Not To?

sad-dog“Why Me?” – This is what I imagine a dog saying as he’s about to go under and get snipped. Just like any human being or animal, I think most of us would like to keep our private parts (generally speaking). Sadly, dogs don’t exactly have much of a choice.

I have three dogs and none of them have been neutered. Lately, I’ve been thinking about whether I should have Cocoa snipped. I really don’t want to not because I have intentions of breeding him (at least not any time soon), but more because he’s just too humpy. Every time we go to a dog park he somehow chooses a victim to go after the entire one to two hours that we’re there.

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me when dogs hump each other as long as they aren’t producing unplanned pups. Why? Well, it’s natural. Dogs do these things and I feel that dogs that are being humped need to learn to stand their own ground instead of the owner coming in and babying them.

On the contrary, what I do understand is how annoying it can be if a dog is clearly uninterested, fighting his ground and just wants to play with his ball or other dogs yet cannot because of the persistent humpy dog. This is why I’ve been having passing thoughts about my dog. It gets pretty irritating when I have to chase him around with a squirting water bottle and yell at him because the owner is unhappy.

Sigh, this is going to sound bizarre to some people, but I think Cocoa’s balls are cute. Gross? I think not. Weird? I think not.

I always thought that having a dog spayed or neutered was all a fictitious idea created by the government and vets solely to control the animal population and not for any real benefits to the dog itself, but based on what people have been telling me and what I have read up on, I suppose there are other reasons having your dog altered can be beneficial overall.

Spaying and neutering, particularly if performed at an early age gives a dog certain health advantages including protection against several cancers of the reproductive system, most notably cancer of the ovary, breast, and testicles. Neutering a male dog has also been shown to slightly prolong life in several studies.

Another site also states further reasons the procedure is a positive decision.

Spaying or neutering your dog is also better for you. Altered animals tend to have fewer behavior problems such as aggression, inappropriate urination/defecation, and roaming. Pet owners who have experienced an animal in heat are well acquainted with the reasons to spay your dog, as animals in heat tend to behave erratically, mark their territory with pungent hormones, and attract male followers. Sterilized animals are better behaved, easier to handle, and much more comfortable around children.

I suppose my decisions are certainly swaying. Benefits seem to outweigh my ideas of keeping my dog in his natural state.

Coincidentally, I was having a conversation with my parents last night about this same topic and they were telling me how my late grandpa used to neuter their dogs back in Vietnam. Quite disturbing I tell you. My mom told me that they would strap the limbs of the dog to thick wooden poles and without any type of anaesthesia used they would cut the testicles, sew the dog’s skin up, and then apply salt on. Hearing that made me squirm and it definitely made me feel fortunate that there are plenty of humane facilities in the US. Yikes! My mom goes on to saying, “Yeah, it was cruel, but the dogs healed up incredibly fast!” *more squirming*

In any case, if I have my Cocoa neutered I hope he keeps his cute personality and awesome majestic physique.

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  • Al

    I have some salt if you need it 🙂

    As far as those health benefits go, the decreased humpiness of one’s life would more than outweigh them for me!

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