Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs In The World

Note: PawshPal does NOT endorse or encourage people to buy dogs. There are millions of dogs that need loving homes. If you got cash to burn, consider donating to your local pet rescue or adopting

Some dogs are short, some are muscular, some are furry, and some are just too darn cute.

Whatever those breeds might be, these are definitely NOT for those with cashflow issues.

Here are the top 10 most expensive dog breeds.

10. Akita $4500

akita dog photo
The Akita is large breeds of dog from the northern regions of Japans which is considered as a powerful, self-regulating and popular breed, commonly friendly with family members while avoid strangers. Great Japanese Dog known pet has listed among the most expensive ones in the world with price of $4500, it is very clean, attentive and fastidious in the house. Akita has a little twice coat which resembled to that of many other northern Japanese dog breeds.

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