Top 10 Things I Learned Losing and Finding My Dog – Part 2

If you or know anyone who has lost a dog, visit Search Log Dog and see if they can help.

(This is continuation of Top 10 Things I Learned Losing and Finding My Dog – Part 1.)

6. Call every veterinarian, animal hospital, and pet shops within X mile radius.

Believe it or not, every person who I’ve talked to, replied..

“Did you check petsmart?”

“Did you check the vet on XYZ street?”

… which means most people would think of submitting a lost dog that they’ve found to these organizations.

Pull out your phone book (or google it) and call these places.

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On top of that, most of them are nice enough to let up leave a description, fax them, or drop a “Lost Dog” flyer in their office for a period of time.

7. Focus on dog people

This may sound obvious, but like i said, logic won’t be with you all the time when you’re looking for your pet in an emotional state.

The first day, I was out at least 12 hours on foot, and have had at least 15 or so people coming up to me to ask either what I’m doing or how they can help.

They were ALL dog owners, dog owners at some point in their life, or have had experience losing a dog.

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This makes sense.. if you have had a dog and have experienced the unconditional love it gives you, you are more likely to be in tuned to seeing lost dogs wandering around. (i.e. approaching them as opposed to ignoring them or calling the animal control/cops on them).

Makes total sense. If you’re a pizza shop owner, would you put advertising in front of pizza lovers or lactose intolerant people?

You get my point. (Unless of course, you sell pizza AND anti-diarrhea drugs. Double profit! KACHIIING!!!)

So if you see someone walking a dog, make sure to ask them FIRST!

8. Flyers/Posters get taken down.

This is something that really ticks me off.

You put all that time time, effort, AND money making flyers to find your dog… you don’t have anything to sell.. you don’t have anything to promote.. you don’t have an agenda.. YET the government employees will come and rip your signs down.


“They’re not permitted”.


“We’re trying to keep the streets clean”.

I don’t wanna sound bitter, but hell, if these people lose their dogs and get their signs taken down, let’s just say I might have a tendency to give them a small and subtle… “HA! IN YOUR FACE!”

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Ok that was crass. I apologize.

What’s the point?

Put your flyer/poster on BUSY streets (such as downtown area) so they can be SEEN, but don’t expect them to stay there too long.

You have to frequently post in those areas.

9. Losing a loved one (even if it may be just a dog) gives you perspective on life.

I have lived in my neighborhood for a while now, and i have NOT noticed how beautiful my neighborhood is.

The plush trees… the beautiful front yards… the sounds of children playing.. the smell of burning wood.. the spectacular houses that people call their homes..

I have never been the one to appreciate things like that, but losing my dog forced me to (literally) slow down and even walk around the neighborhood.

Instead of living in my head, always worrying about what I need to do and where I need to go and who I need to speak to, I just… let the environment become part of me for the time.

And one thing I noticed, people are genuinely nice, and they actually give a damn.

We live in a modern society where we tend to think no one gives a damn about us.

But that’s because we live in society where things divide us…

– racial/cultural differences
– political beliefs
– gender/sexual orientation
– socioeconomic differences
– CUBICLES (i HATE cubicles)

Of course, they don’t actually DIVIDE us.. it’s our perception that they do.

When I started walking and connecting with people, face to face, it was different.

They cared.

They were genuinely worried. (One lady went out of her way to put a flyer for me.)

No matter what color, how old, what they did, or where they come from…

They actually CARE about my mission.

It was like I was part of their family.

cute pet images

Aren’t dogs awesome? They even help us bond.

Final and utmost lesson…

10. Thank God/mother nature/fate/destiny/whatever you believe in… that this happened

No matter what happens to you or your dog, you and we all need be grateful.

Of course, if you have lost your dog recently and have yet to find him, this is gonna sound like a truck load of BS… but the truth remains.

You didn’t ASK when you could be born. It just happened.

You didn’t ASK when you could leave earth. It will just happen.

You didn’t ASK for your dog’s love. It was just given to you.

You didn’t ASK for your dog to be lost. It was just given to you.

Although I am a control freak myself (which explains why I even did the search in the first place), I was beginning to surrender.

Surrender myself to the will of fate/divine/God.

Remember, a mother ALWAYS gives her child what the child needs, and NOT always what the child wants. (Otherwise, we’d have a human race of very fat, undisciplined, spoiled kids.)

Do childrens always understand why their mothers deny them certain things? NOt always, but the reason becomes clear in hind sight.

We’re children of fate.. and we will never understand why she does what she does.

But in future, you will understand why.

You may be hurting now, but in the future, you will understand and it will become a healing & soothing lotion that dissolves away all pain.

When my hope for finding Cocoa began to dwindle, of course, I felt kinda down and depressed.

But at certain point, i began to accept the reality.. and a sense of calmness emerged.

And only then.. did things started to happen (or at least I perceived it that way).

I hope this series was helpful to you guys.

If I can be of help, especially with internet advertising (putting Lost Dog ads on Craigslist, Facebook, and Google), please feel free to get in touch with me.



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