Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Pet safe on July 4th

Do you know which day of the year pets are lost the most?

Yeap, you guessed it.

July 4th.

(Random sidenote: Wouldn’t it be odd pets actually understood that July 4th is “Independence Day” and they decide to declare freedom from you? Not funny? Ok, got it.)

Dogs can hear about TWICE better than humans (range of frequency of sound).. and cats about THREE times better.

In another words, when there is sound, they will generally hear more than humans ever can.

When there is a firework explosion, pets aren’t thinking “Oooh, celebration!”

They are thinking ‘run and hide’.

In fact, I have personal experience with this (will post this later).

When I went to San Jose Animal Shelter on January 1st (New Year’s fireworks), the representative working the desk told me that the shelter received over 110 dogs and cats roaming the streets on last July 4th (and 5th) alone.

So how do you keep your pet safe this July 4th?

1) Leave your pet at home

– No matter where you go or for how long, let your pet indoors.

2) Do NOT take your pet to see any fireworks

– Unless you feel like doing the 100m dash through the neighborhood, please.. don’t.

3) Do NOT keep your pet inside a car

– Cars do not have much sound insulation, nor is it safe for your pet because of the potential heat accumulation. Partially open windows do not give enough air.

4) Do NOT leave your pet in your yard

– Even if you think your pet is contained with fencing, your pet will find a way to escape. Remember, pets also have a strong sense of “fight or flight” in (perceived) emergencies

5) Keep your pet leashed

– You have no idea when a neighborhood kiddo might decide to let a firecracker rip.

So what do you do?

6) Keep the pets INSIDE the house in the quietest (i.e. most sound proof) room.

7) Give your pets plenty of food and water so they want wander around looking for food.

8 ) Close the windows so the explosive sounds will be muffled

9) Close the shades so the burst flashes of light will not scare the pets.

10) MAKE SURE your pets are wearing their ID tags (name & phone number) just in case they DO bolt and someone does pick them up.

Most importantly, use your COMMON sense.

Remember, it’s YOUR pet so it is YOUR responsibility, not the local animal shelter, not the beighbor, not the government… but YOURS.

Please keep your family AND your pet safe this July 4th.

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