Top 10 Weird Things Dogs Have Eaten

Let’s face it.

Dogs are cute, witty, smart, loving, and obedient.

But sometimes they do some strange things.

Like eating RANDOM things.

No, I don’t mean your puppy nibbling on your toes.

I’m talking about things like jewelry, like this dog that swallowed up $10,000 dollars worth of diamonds:

So I did some research to find out what other stuff have the Fidos of the world been chomping on?

Here’s a very interesting list, in order of weird-ness.

(The list was originally 10, but the stuff was so weird that I added more)

16. Rubber Ducky

15. Homer Simpson toy

14. Engagement Ring

13. Toy Dog

12. 13 Rocks

11. 10-Inch Toy Arrow

10. Fish Hook

9. 2-Foot Long Stick

8. Fork

7. Soccer Ball

6. 15-Inch Serrated Knife

5. Magic Fairy Wand

4. Mobile Phone

3. 130 Nails

2. Nine Golf Balls & A Bullet

… and the last but not least.. *drum roll* …

1. Bottle Cap, Piece of Basketball, and 15 Baby Pacifiers

You might be wondering, is this it?

But wait!

There’s more!

What are some of the weird stuff YOUR dog has eaten?

Leave your answers in the comment box below.

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