Top 3 Weird Dog Products

1) Chew toy/”mask” to give your dog a facial expression.

Ah yes, Japan. The nation of high tech gadgets, efficient cars, strange TV shows, and of course, now, even stranger dog products.

Here’s an interesting “chew” toy from Japan:

What does this product do? Well, what else?

It gives your dog an expression with his lips while he chews.

2) Chastity Belt for Dog

If your dog is in heat, this medieval high tech device can c*ckblock, so to speak.

Here’s the product intro from the inventor himself.

Here’s the video of the product in use. Notice the cheesy background music. I guess this is the music the inventor of the product hears in his head when he sees two dogs humping.

*WARNING* NOt safe for work:

3) Dog poop as hockey puck.

Buy this piece of plastic for your hockey stick, and instead of picking up your dog’s poop, you can hit it and have it smashed all over your yard instead.

According to the product maker:

The Turd Burglar is a plastic sleeve with a scoop that fits over a hockey stick blade, which allows you to loft and fling puppy poop to a collection area or compost heap with the flick of your wrist.

What’s even more interesting.. apparently, there’s a “rule book” to this “game”:

Rubber Practice Poopie and official rule book of 9 poop related yard games included with every purchase.

Ah yes, the wonderful world of POOP flinging.. does it get better than this?

PS: Think this is it? Nope. There’s more! Check out the poop freeze aerosol spray… AND the dog thong.. and the dog weight loss pill..

Boy, will thist list ever end? I hope not. This is GREAT news material. 😉

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