Top 5 Ways to Find Pet-Friendly Restaurants

This is a guest blog entry by Aihui Ong. Aihui Ong is the Founder of Love With Food – a foodie community where food lovers and home chefs share what’s tasty and connect directly with ther favorite food brands.

If you’re a pet lover, then you understand what it’s like to want to take your pet everywhere with you.

Whether you’re shopping, hanging out, or just grabbing a quick bite, you want to share every moment with your best friend!

That’s why it can be so frustrating that there are so few pet-friendly restaurants in existence, and even fewer that encourage you to bring your pets along.

But there are a few establishments out there that will welcome you as well as your furry friends; all you need to do is find them!

Here are the best ways to find pet-friendly restaurants.

1) Petcentric

This site by Purina offers a wide array of search featurs, e.g. pet-friendly lodgin, restaurants and parks and beaches.

2) Yelp

In the Search for box, enter these 3 search words: “pet-friendly” restaurant. It’s important to put the quotes around ‘pet-friendly’. This will list all the reviews listed by restaurant goers with their furry friends in mind!

3) Your Favorite Search Engines

Simple search for “pet-friendly restaurants” and your ZIP code. You’ll get a bunch of results, including listings for pet-friendly restaurants in your area.

4) Dogfriendly

After entering your state and city, it’ll provide a list of dog-friendly accomodations, restaurants and parks.

5) Call your Favorite Restaurant

Call your favorite restaurants and ask if they’d mind if you brought your pet along.

Many establishments are willing to make exceptions for regular customers, and eateries with outdoor seating are often willing to oblige your desire to dine with your pet.

In fact, some pet-friendly restaurants are so willing to accommodate pet owners, that they even keep water bowls onsite so that your furry friends can enjoy a drink while you have lunch.

Hopefully, there will soon come a day when all restaurants will recognize every customer’s right to a good meal – including the four-legged ones.

But, until then, you can take advantage of the pet-friendly restaurants that do.

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