Trip: From Abandoned to Loved

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I was riding my road bike last Thursday – my 40 mile route.

As I passed through some woods, a white German Shepherd pup, less than a year old, started following me.

No collar.

Beautiful dog.

After about a half mile, I started trying to run him off.

Didn’t have any luck.

I was faced with a dilemma.

I still had about 20 miles to go, and he wouldn’t fit on the handle bars.

I knew he would never be able to keep up that far.

I didn’t have my cell phone, and I knew Marion was training the foals and unavailable anyway.

Not sure that it was the best decision, but I decided to run off and leave him and then come back in the Jeep.

It was damned near impossible and took seven miles, but I finally did it.

I hear him whimpering as I sped away.

Not pleasant.

I pedaled as hard as I could to get back with the Jeep before he got lost.

Eight miles from the Jeep, I had a blow-out.

I patched the tire, put in a new tube and started out again, convinced the tire would never hold.

Finally, I flagged down a friend and asked him to give me a ride to the Jeep.

It took four trips up and down the road looking for the pup, but I finally found him just before dark.

I took him back to where he started following me to see if he belonged to anyone.

It turns out that a family had moved away at Christmas and abandoned him.

No one wanted him.

I do.

See attached photo my new buddy, Trip.

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  • sondra

    I Love Love Love this story!! I am grateful that Trip has found a happy home. lots of hugs and kisses Trip! 🙂 😡

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