Ultimate Dog Loyalty – Dog in China Won’t Leave Master’s Graveyard

Dog are awesome.

Why? Because they are super loyal.

Dogs risk their lives for us in our wars, they give us companionship when we’re down, they inspire us with their abused-to-heroic stories, and much much more. (if you don’t believe, just read every post on this blog).

And this dog from China is no different.

His master, Lao Pan, didn’t have too many friends, and when he died, this dog was the only friend he had.

When Lao Pan died and was buried, the dog stayed at the master’s graveyard for 7 days… without eating.

The dog touched so many people around the neighborhood that they started bringing it food and water:

I saw the dog when I was working on the field, and I called him, and wanted to bring him back home, because I also have a dog

I gave him a steamed bun when he came to my home. The dog caught the dog and ran back. I caught him, but he ran even faster to the tomb, and stayed there.

IN fact, the villagers are so touched that they’re planning on building him a kennel at the site next to the graveyard.

I am speechless. So touched.

This isn’t the first time a dog has remained faithful even after the master has long gone.

There is Hachiko, Sadie, and Zelda who have all faithfully stood by their masters long after they have departed earth.

But no matter who the master was, these dogs have quite the tenacity and loyalty to stick by their true loves.

I am so teary eyed right now.

I keep thinking of this video because of the song in the background and the look of yearning and waiting on the dog’s face.

As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to our great health, our loving families, and our loyal dogs.

God bless everyone, including this dog from China.

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