Update on Patrick, Dog Found Nearly Dead in Gargage Dumpster

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Remember Patrick, the 1 year old pit bull from NJ that was pretty much left for dead in the garbage dumpster?

Here’s an update on what’s going on

1) Good news. Patrick is recovering well. Still pretty weak, but his health is making progress:

2) There is a battle for custody over Patrick.

According to the Examiner,

Associated Humane Societies filed a 40 page motion claiming legal custody and owners of Patrick.

They want him moved to the Popcorn Park Zoo where abused and neglected animals reside.

The organization is trying to vacate a court order signed last month allowing Patrick to stay at Garden State Veterinary Specialists where Patrick has been recovering, until the end of the trial and court outcome of Kisha Curtis.

In addition the city of Newark claims the Associated Humane Societies do not have legal custody.

3) Kisha Curtis, the woman from Newark, NJ charged for crime of starving and abandoning Patrick, declared… (surprise surprise)… NOT guilty.

If convicted, she can face up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine and community service.

Yes, ladies and gentleman.

Starve a dog to a point of its death and you get a slap on the wrist.

These demonstrators agree:

Sources: Examiner

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  • Karen S

    I thought her charges were upgraded to Torture and Torment?
    With that being a harsher sentencing? If that is the case then their understanding of Torture and Torment is way off!! Their sending a very strong message that if you do this you will probably only get a 1,000 fine or 6months in prison, with meals, bed etc. This is so wrong it makes me ill.

  • Hyeacheeg

    @ Alice> ur right, she did “tone down” her appearance on the outside, but she’s still an ugly monster on the inside!Her lies keep changing as she demonstrate NO pity or remorse towards precious Patrick. Thank God she’s been caught, now let’s remind her (as long as possible)that animal abuse is AGAINST THE LAW!

  • Alice Carr

    I agree 100%. Animal abuse needs to stop. If a person will hurt a animal they WILL hurt a child. I noticed she changed her hair color back to normal and toned down her makeup and clothes so she would be more acceptable or that maybe the judge would be more leaniant. She should get the fine and jail time.
    P.S. I would be more than happy to put my name on a list if it would help put her away! (no more pets for her)

  • C J Willis

    How can a buracracy be so stupid – irresponsible – insensitive!!!??!!

  • Lydia Buitenwerf

    Sure just give a slap on the wrist so she can go out and do this awfull cruelty to another animal if you do any crime you should do the time. And give Justice to Patrick so he and any other animal who needs it so they dont have to go threw this again. Put him some place where he will be protected and safe from this ever happening to him again.All any animal asks of us is to be fed and kept safe. But most of all loved and not abused.We go after child abusers why not animal abusers as well lets keep evevyone and ever animal safe.

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