Urban Legend: Cheese with Nails Inside Found in Dog Parks

If you’re on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen a very disturbing story going around:

And the caption underneath the image goes something like

New trend at dog parks, nails in pieces of cheese, if you take your dogs to dog parks, please be careful!!

Another version:

New trend at dog parks, nails in pieces of cheese, if you take your dogs to dog parks, please be careful!! The picture with the cheese and nails was emailed to me by someone saying they found cheese like this in parks in Chicago and Ma.

Yet another version

DOG PARK ALERT: We have received two notices. (1) Nails wrapped in cheese at dog parks in Chicago and Massachusetts (see pic). (2) from some friends that in Augusta Maine dog park, antifreeze is being found in doggie water bowls. Please beware and be careful and PLEASE SHARE and spread the word. sigh

And Yes… ANOTHER version:

ATTENTION ALL DOG OWNERS AND DOG LOVERS!!! Some psychos in Tucson are discarding pieces of cheese with nails stuck in them – they’re being thrown in peoples yards, alleys, parks, etc. PLEASE keep your dog near you, watch them when you’re out on a walk and check your yard DAILY. As a dog lover, the last thing I would want is for anybodys dog to be seriously injured because of some sick sick people doing some shit like this. Yes, this is real. Yes, I’m livid. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re-post this and spread the word

Here’s the truth..

The photo originally appeared on a non-profit pet adoption agency Facebook page in Argentina on July 24, 2011.

The posting (in Spanish) warned dog owners to be careful when taking their pets to Parque Centenario (Centennial Park) in Buenos Aires because pieces of ham studded with nails (see photo) had been found in a kennel there.

Yes, ladies and gentleman.. that’s an URBAN legend going through and it’s NOT true.

So please, calm down and stop spreading unnecessary fears.

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As close friends of ours, dogs are quite frequently in myths and urban legends, like this one:

Really.. if you believe this, please get your head checked.

First of all, why would anyone bring a dog to a restaurant in the first place? Let alone the employee take your dog away.

Seriously people, don’t believe EVERYTHING you see on internet.

Now, a breaking new, Elvis has come BACK from the dead as a DOG

(yes it’s totally TRUE)

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