War Dog Theo Awarded Medal of Honor

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Do you remember that British solider Liam Tasker and his bomb sniffing dog Theo?

Even though Liam was killed in line of duty in Afghanistan, Theo survived the battle… but only to later die of a seizure.

And we pet lovers know… It was Theo’s heart that was broken that probably sent him to heaven where Theo will reunite with Liam.

Today, late Liam and his dog Theo were honored with the Elizabeth Cross medal.

Yes, someone pass me a tissue box.

Here’s a video a fan has created for Theo:

PawshPal salutes all men, women, and animals of war that valiantly risk their lives to protect the rest of us.

If you know anyone who’s been affected by or has served in the military, please share this article with them.

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  • cindy

    Awesome to know that these wonderful animals can save the lives of our men in uniform with so much compassion…. beyond words, worth the tears!
    Blessings to all these brave men & dogs… Lets carry them in our daily prayers..

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